To facilitate members representation, economic empowerment, collective strength and increased bargaining power, SEWA follows an integrated approach of organizing, capacity building, providing social security and asset creation thus enabling members to become owners and managers of their own trade and empowering women with 3Vs – voice, visibility and viability. Practically, the strategy is carried out through the joint action of union and cooperatives.


Collective organized strength through worker’s associations to actively participate in the planning, implementation and monitoring processes of programs meant for these women workers also in all other affairs of the nation

Capacity Building

To stand firm in the competitive markets i.e. access to infrastructure, technology, information, education, knowledge, and relevant skills. Assets ownership is the surest weapon to fight vulnerability to poverty

Social Security

At least health care, child care, shelter and relief – to combat the chronic risks faced by the women workers and their families

Capital Formation

At the household level, SEWA facilitates access to financial services to build and create assets of their own.

Gandhian thinking is the guiding force for SEWA’s poor, self-employed members in organising for social change. We follow the principles of satya (truth), ahimsa (non-violence), sarvadharma (integrating all faiths, all people) and khadi (propagation of local employment and self reliance).

​SEWA is a confluence of 3 movements: the Labour Movement, the Cooperative Movement and the Women’s Movement. Through the Labour movement and the Women’s movement, SEWA works towards facilitating voice and visibility to its members. For some of SEWA’s successful policy level interventions … Read Here.

SEWA strongly believes that “Asset creation is the surest way to Fight Povery”. On these lines, SEWA organizes its members into their own collectives / cooperatives / federations / for-profit and not-for-profit companies, where members not only get employment but themselves become the owner and managers of their own economic organizations. For more details on our member owned organizations… Click Here