“The success of SEWA provides ample proof that women can and do build strong vital organizations around issues that are relevant to them, find viable solutions out of their own experiences and in the process change our society and environment in a healthy, respectful, non-violent and sustainable way”

SEWA believes that the economic power cannot only be left in the hands of those who have capital or to governments; but workers must also conceive, build and expand their own economic strength by establishing their own economic institutions. Also, our experience working with women workers has shown that women have the capacity to anticipate risks and use their resources; they are well equipped to deal with the realities effectively and can gradually climb out of poverty.

Therefore, SEWA has been facilitating its women members to build & manage their own various forms of organizations that includes producers collectives / service provider’s groups, co-operatives, for profit and not-for profit companies that directly link up with the economic mainstream. Each form of organization promoted by SEWA and its members has following characteristics

  • They exist for the benefit of the self employed women members.
  • They are owned by the self employed women
  • They are managed by them
  • They are democratically run
  • They aim towards self reliance, both financially and managerially

Today, SEWA has grown into a family of member-owned economic organizations, that provide livelihood security, reduces vulnerability & lead to economic empowerment of its members. It is similar in structure to a banyan tree that spreads its branches. Over time, the branches grow vines that reach for the ground and take root, becoming trunks themselves; in this way, they become a sprawling forest within the same, ever-expanding tree. Each organization of the SEWA family is independent and autonomous, both financially and in the decision-making process. At the same time, new growth draws strength from the old.

We now have over 4000 SHGs, 110 cooperatives, 15 economic federations, 3 producer companies.

Help Strengthen our members and their Economic Organizations become sustainable...

The SEWA Family

A group of member owned Economic-Organizations promoted by SEWA