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Self Employed Women’s Association
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» Cooperatives (84 Cooperatives with 11,610 members)
These include :
Dairy cooperatives 53 with 5,182 members
Artisan cooperatives 10 with 1,200 members
Service and Labour cooperatives 10 with 130,000 members
Land-based cooperatives 7 with 192 members
Trading & vending cooperatives 5 with 1,000 members
  Women provide the share capital for the cooperatives and obtain employment from them. One woman may be a member of one or more cooperative. Each cooperative is run by a democratically elected executive committee of workers. The largest cooperative is SEWA Bank with 1,25,000 members.
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» DWCRA (rural producers') Groups (181 Groups with 2,981 members)
  The Development of women and children in Rural Areas or DWCRA is a government sponsored anti-poverty programme of the Ministry of Rural Development. Each DWCRA group consists of 15 to 20 women from below poverty line rural families. The group is given seed capital in the form of a revolving fund of Rs. 25,000 to develop their own, local collective business. In 1999, the Ministry of Rural Development merged all its different anti-poverty programmes, including DWCRA, into a single programme. However, the DWCRA groups already formed and registered with the ministry continue to function actively.
Type of Group No.of groups No.of members
Craft-based groups 142 2,106
Land-based groups 21 395
Forest producers based groups 11 220
Foodgrain and essential items distribution groups 10 120
Nursery-raising groups 7 140
Total 181 2,981
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» Social Security Organisations
  There are 6 organisations of social security providers, including health workers and child care workers. The members are the actual caregivers, while the self-employed women obtain their services. For social security providers, this work also gives them employment. They are :
  Lok Swasthya SEWA Health Co-operative with 155 members, reaching 74,695 self employed members and their families.
  Krishna Dayan Co-operative, with 85 members, reaching 26,285 members and their families.
  Shramshakti Dayan cooperative, Kheda district, with 50 members reaching 5,000 women and their families.
  Surendranagar Women and Child Development Mandal with 6,000 members reaching out to both women and their families.
  Sangini Child Care Co-operative with 825 members, reaching 3,639 members' children.
  Shaishav Child Care Co-operative, with 92 members, reaching 1,500 members' children.
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» Savings and Credit Groups
  In rural areas women have formed their own savings groups and are learning to manage their own collective capital. Through these village-based groups, capitalisation occurs among self-employed women. For the first time assets are built up, especially in womens' name. These groups have then formed their own district-level associations.
Self Employed Women's Association
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