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  Use of SEWA's own (Sister organizations) infrastructure facilities and charging service fees for the same :
  From Sewa's inception(Since 1972) its approach has been to provide integrated services to its members by building different organizations each organization focusing on a particular service.

Design of "Jeevika" project is based on this approach of providing integrated services to poor families in three districts i.e. Patan, Kutch & Surendranagar by using services of different sister organizations of SEWA. In fact IFAD has considered this as the biggest strength of the project while designing Jeevika Project.

In "Jeevika" project document role of each sister organization is defined from the beginning, even Memorandum of understandings were also entered into with each organization from the beginning of the project.
  Had respected special auditor gone through the original project document, he would not have raised quarries on the so called transfer of funds to sister organizations. All sister organizations have used their resources, infrastructure facilities, their experience and expertise in respective field for implementation of the project and have got reimbursement for the use of these facilities and resources which is according to the policy which was decided while conceiving the project in partnership with SEWA, IFAD & Government of Gujarat.
  Providing Services/using own resources :
  As per the design of the project Sewa is contributing 30 % of the administrative cost of the project, as well as 7 % of the overall cost of the project. Over and above this contribution, various services of SEWA and its sister organization are provided free of cost to the "Jeevika" project. e.g. Senior Officials of SEWA and its sister organizations are giving their time, sharing their experience and providing their expertise and non of their salaries are booked in the project.

Various types of infrastructural  facilities and human resources are used by SEWA and its sister organizations whose expenses are not booked in the project e.g. salaries of support staff, etc.
  Queries raised are factually incorrect or showing inflated figures :
  e.g. Special auditor's report has raised a query that expense of a foreign trip to Berlin of Sewa's representative, was booked in the  "Jeevika" project. Whereas no  such expense of any foreign trip is booked in "Jeevika" project. However, the items produced by beneficiaries have been marketed/show-cased in the Berlin Trade Fair.

Also Special auditors has raised a query that office rent of Rs.22,75,000 is charged to “Jeevika” project. Out of this amount rent payable of Rs.19,00,000 is reflecting the future rent payable to inflect figures and thereby misguiding the authorities.
  Charges on Vehicle usages :
  Sewa’s organizations and leaders are women and majority of their work is in the field also in odd hours. Safety of these women is Sewa’s prime responsibility and Sewa prefers to use own vehicles rather than hiring outside vehicles and it also has financial benefit to the project because often the trips are of short distances and minimum charges are not required to be paid. As a result, the total expenditure incurred on vehicles charges is less than what would have been paid for hired vehicles and is below the expenditure limit sanctioned in the project.
  No Financial Irregularities :
  The questioned raised in the report of Special Auditor are not proving any kind of accounting irregularities like non-availability of documentary evidences, production of fake vouchers, or showing only paper transactions. All quires raised are only questioning Sewa’s expenditure policy or reasoning of expenditure decision taken. E.g. usage of own vehicle v/s using hired vehicles. It may be mentioned that ultimately Sewa’s decision has resulted into  saving of the project funds.
  Expenditure As per Project Plan :
  All expenses incurred under “Jeevika” projects are according to the approved project plan and well within the limits prescribed in the planned budget.
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